Birthday Parties

Have a great party experience that everyone will enjoy!

The Birthday person is a Black Belt for the day. Watch all guests enjoy games that teach them courtesy and respect, all while having a great time. Don't worry about the Karate moves. They are all for fun so everyone will enjoy, even the shiest of party members. All are encouraged to participate and usually join at their own comfort level.

We supply the fun and excitement, you bring the cake! Cake, candles and a knife are all you need!

Book your party today!

* Pay one price and invite as many friends as you like per birthday person.
* 3 Different packages ranging from $150-$300
* We supply:
o Invitations for your special day
o Pizza with Package # 2 & # 3
o Soda or juice with Package # 2 & # 3
o Headbands for all participants with Package # 3 only!
o All paper products

No pointed hats here! Each party guest will receive their own party headband with Birthday Package # 3! There is a special one for the Birthday person!

No uniform necessary, but it's a good idea to wear comfortable clothes to participate in the martial arts activities. T-shirts and shorts/sweatpants are perfect.

Parties are available for Saturday afternoons. Call us with your top three choices because our parties book quickly! Let us know any special instructions and we will do our best to accommodate if possible.

Every Kid Is A Winner!


Contact either of our schools for more information.
For East Brunswick: (732) 257-5999
For South Brunswick: (732) 274-0055