AGES 3 - 6

     These students are taught Martial Arts through Lifeskills in an age appropriate environment. They work on self-defense through Stranger Danger and are evaluated on their individual achievements. Parents can follow along with the program and help emphasize Lifeskills at home! Students work on developing their individual techniques two times per week. The students experience the meaning of:
          'Every Kid is a Winner,
             Every Kid is Special!;

     All of our schedules are flexible and work with all outside programs. We find many of our students combine Martial Arts Lifeskills with School and other enhancement programs such as Sport activities or Team Sports.

     All Specialized Children's Programs have their own advancement systems. Students are not demoted to move from program to program.


Contact either of our schools for more information.

For East Brunswick: (732) 257-5999
For South Brunswick: (732) 274-0055